• JOY Beauty Stage Idea

    JOY Beauty Stage is a social event where magazine’s readers and celebrities can learn beauty trends, try new cosmetics products and see the fashion show.

    All – completely free of charge!

  • JOY Beauty Stage

    Date: 12th January 2012
    Time: 19.00 – 23.00
    Guests: 200


    • Latvian celebrities
    • JOY readers
    • JOY partners
    • ELKOR VIP clients
    • Media

  • All decorations are made from light, white materials, that express purity feeling.

    Basic elements – designed metal constrictions, white tiled floor, light illuminated cat-walk, comfortable sofas.

  • Unique concept booklet

    • All fashion items with prices
    • Opportunity to follow fashion show and then buy any item


Yaroslav Barishnikov
Fashion blogger & model

" JOY Beauty is one of the best beauty events I have ever attended judging by people at the event, by models and beautiful outfits at the fashion show.

I also use cosmetics, therefore it was exciting to see all the new trends.

Sanita Kalniņa
fashion blogger

"I have to say that I was impressed with the high level of the JOY Beauty Stage event and it reminded me a bit of London Fashion Weekend (because of the quality, but this event was probably a bit more vip).